Goods will be sent by economy mail, taking approximately 4 to 5 weeks. Should you require airmail or any further services please enquire for enlarge picture. Shipping times are without obligation from us. Experienced staff pack the goods carefully and correctly for transportation. The goods are insured against breakage and damage. In case of claims, please do not return the goods concerned. Please note that in case of breakage or complaint about the goods, claims are to be made immediately in writing, at the latest, however, 8 days after receipt of the goods. The postmarks shall be decisive in this matter. The description of the damage must be accompanied by a photograph providing suitable evidence. The place of jurisdiction shall be Munich, Germany.

For the cuckoo clocks we do have a Limited Service Warranty:
The movement in our clocks is under warranty for a period of two years against defective materials and/or workmanship. If your clock fails to work properly, it will be repaired at no charge, under the terms and conditions of this warranty. You first have to
contact us concerning the defect of the clock. We will tell you the address of the next service center. Costs of sending and delivery to and from the service center will be the responsibility of purchaser. You have to send the clock well packed and insured. We will not be responsible for the loss or damage in transit. The sender’s name and address should be printed on it. Also include a note as to the nature of the complaint. Do not send the pine cone weights, pendulum or roof carving. Chains must be secured properly and not left loose in the box.

The warranty does not cover:
- Clogged bearings due to dust conditions
- Problems caused by carelessness or rough handling
- Chains falling off the wheels or snagging
- Case damage
- Repairs by anyone else except authorized service center
- Any problem caused by not following instructions on the instruction sheet, packed with your clock

If your clock is beyond warranty period, or not covered under the above terms of this warranty, an estimate of the costs of the repair will be sent before any repair is started.

If you want to place an order:
After placing an order by phone, fax, email or letter you will receive an order confirmation which will serve as an invoice. We send the invoice back to you by
fax or letter. After your agreement we need your credit card number (with expiration date) to cash the amount of the invoice, and then we send the goods the way you ordered them. In this case please see our Business Terms above.